2021 Stock V8





Attention Driver – All cars and components must be stock unless otherwise stated in the rules below. If it is not mentioned or stated otherwise below, it is NOT a gray area. If it doesn’t say you can do it, DON’T do it.


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. Sub frame connectors permitted. Can’t cut floor pan.
  3. NO X BRACING of frames
  4. Full driveshaft loop mandatory


  1. All cars must have boxed roll cage with 1.5” o.d. x .095
  2. Must have 3 bars in driver’s door and 2 bars in right door
  3. Loop around engine compartment permitted
  4. Two bars may run from hallo loop to rear frame rails


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. .5” tolerance side to side. (exp. 101” left side 101.5 “ right side)


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. No jack or wedge bolts
  3. Racing springs permitted
  4. Adjustable spring cups allowed
  5. Non-adjustable lowering blocks allowed on leaf springs
  6. Tube upper a arms allowed stock mount
  7. Shocks. Non-rebuildable nonadjustable wielded body and ends
  8. Rear end housing to the bolt 3.5 inches max must be the same on both sides one hole on each side


1. Stock for make and model


  1. 3 wheel brakes permitted
  2. Factory disc brakes on rear permitted. Steel calipers only. 
  3. No adjustable proportioning valves permitted


  1. Steel wheels only. 8” maximum width.
  2. All wheels must be same offset. 
  3. 1 inch wheel spacer permitted anywhere on wheels.
  4. American Racers Stock or Hard compound
  5. Hoosier H500
  7. Oversized wheel studs and lugs permitted
  8. No chemical altering allowed


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. May be locked
  3. 9” Ford permitted. Floater add 50lbs. 
  4. Spool only or welded spider gears
  5. Rear tires must track within 1in of front tires

BODY- Go by Drawing 

  1. Factory steel body. May be hulled. Stock steel – Top OEM stock 
  2. After market steel replacement parts allowed. Steel or aluminum steal OEM top & trunk lid
  3. All glass and flammable material must be removed
  4. Headlights, tail lights, and wheel covers must be removed
  5. Doors must be strapped, welded, or bolted
  6. Wheel-well openings may be cut for minimum tire clearance
  7. Must have FULL factory fire wall and floor pan from rocker to rocker and to behind driver’s seat must be stock. Rust holes repairs must be made with 16 gage steel. Outside rocker panel may be removed.
  8. Area between driver and fuel cell must be totally covered with sheet metal
  9. May run aluminum spoiler. 6” maximum material from top of deck to top of spoiler 

blade. Spoiler sides start at 2” and end at 8”. 18” maximum length. Both spoiler sides              must be same size

  1. Only stock appearing plastic nose and tail pieces are allowed
  2. B pillars must be stock OEM dimension. (if you have SD windows they cannot be closed  off.)
  3. Stock appearing aluminum doors, quarters and fenders. 
  4. Rear of car must be closed. Plastic tail piece allowed must have 2” drop from window to  tail piece. 
  5. 47” center of spindle to front of nose. 
  6. 50” from the center of axel to the rear of car. (tail piece) 
  7. 5” drop rear of hood to nose


  1. Must be securely attached
  2. Must have lift hook for wrecker.
  3. Must NOT have any exposed sharp edges.
  4. Must be track approved


  1. 362 cubic inch maximum
  2. Stock crankshaft and rods only. Balancing permitted. Stock replacement crank rods     permitted 
  3. Replacement 4 valve relief flat top pistons permitted. NO LIGHT WEIGHT PISTONS
  4. Hydraulic cam only.
  5. Cam lift .460 maximum at valve. Checked with solid lifter and 0 lash
  6. Headers permitted
  7. Must be in original location
  8. Solid engine mounts permitted. No mid-engine mount. 
  9. Ford 1.6 rocker arm
  10. Ford GT40 heads permitted 


  1. Any GM straight plug cast iron head allowed
  2. no vortex heads
  3. Maximum valve size is 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust
  4. No angle cut heads
  5. Stock valve job only
  6. No porting, polishing or matching of ports G.     Studs may be pinned. Screw in studs allowed.
  7. 1.5 or 1.52 roller rocker arms allowed on Chevy and 1.6 on Ford


  1. Edelbrock 2101 or 2701permitted
  2. Factory steel intake permitted
  3. No porting or matching of ports
  4. No spacers or adaptor permitted


  1. Holley 1850/0-80457 permitted. 600cfm, vacuum secondary, single line, single  metering block only
  2. A.F.B. carburetors permitted
  3. Choke flap may be removed
  4. Adaptor permitted
  5. Spacers are not permitted
  6. $350 claimer on any carb
  7. Carburetor-  Must be as manufacture Holley 1850 Holley 0-80457 Holley 4412. 2 barrel


  1. Factory single point or HEI only
  2. Stock cap mount coil only
  3. No ignition boosters
  4. Vacuum advance may be locked out


  1. Stock for make and model
  2. Stock / stock replacement only
  3. No solid hub clutch or racing clutch/pressure plate permitted
  4. Z28 flywheel permitted


  1. Gas only
  2. No additives
  3. NO electric fuel pumps permitted
  4. Securely mounted fuel cell mandatory


  1. Stock or racing aluminum permitted
  2. Must be mounted in front of engine


A. Factory or racing starter permitted


  1. Stock 3,4,5 speed permitted
  2. Automatic permitted with full size working torque converter. STOCK
  3. No modifications


      A.        Approved helmet and FULL fire suit mandatory

  1. B Properly mounted 3” quick release lap belt and 2” min shoulder harness
  2. Properly mounted, working fire extinguisher mounted within driver’s reach C.             Properly mounted racing seat mandatory

      D.        Full Containment seat recommended. 


  1. Must be at least 18” tall on both sides of car
  2. Must be visible and legible from scoring tower


  1. 3200 lbs minimum at all times
  2. Weight you are claiming MUST be posted on drivers side A pillar or roof corner


(Must be 5 min after race is complete)

  1. One head, cam, bore, stroke, carb, lifter, intake, and distributor – $350.  $100 acceptance fee – track retains this fee. 
    1. Complete engine – $500.  $150 acceptance fee
    1. Flywheel, clutch and pressure plate – $150. $50 acceptance fee
    1. Wheelbase and engine setback – $150. $50 acceptance fee. 
    1. Suspension – $150.  $50 acceptance fee. 
    1. Complete car – $800.  $250 acceptance fee. 
    1. P&G $125.00 and $50.00 acceptance fee

2 people from each team will be allowed in tech area. If either party misbehaves in any way during the teardown, the protest will stop and the misbehaving team will be disqualified


  1. Must be made before event starts
  2. $25 per item
  3. Track retains 100%
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