2021 Limited

Hartwell Speedway 

2021 Limited Late Model Rules





  1. Lucas oil, Ultimate, SAS, Fuel Series body rules apply
  2. All non-approved body parts will be subject to a weight penalty
  3. Both sail panels must be the same on both sides. If open both sides must be open. No offset sail panels.
  4. Top of spoiler 47” max. No tolerance.
  6. Built engines or CT525 – 8” max height and 72” width, 12” sides
  7. No more than 3 spoiler supports. Middle blade 8” only 


  1. No aluminum or titanium frames or cages permitted. All tubing must be a minimum of 11/2”x.083 wall thickness
  2. Must have 3 bars min in left door and 2 bar min in right door
  3. 103” wheelbase min (no tolerance) 1” tolerance side to side. (exp. 103 left side 104 right side)
  4. No wing or tunnels of any kind allowed under the body or chassis


  1. AR 48 spec
  2. Hoosier HTS 1350 spec
  3. Crate USA 21
  5. NO SIPPING (may cut existing groves with #1 blade ONLY)


  1. Aluminum or steal 14” max width. 


  • Racing fuel, E85 permitted
  • No alcohol, nitrous oxide permitted 


  1. Racing transmission permitted (Bert, Brinn Falcon, etc….)
  2. Any clutch permitted
  3. Must have forward and reverse gears. No direct drives 
  4. Must have working starter


  1. One four barrel permitted
  2. No dominator carbs will be allowed 

Engine Placement

  1. Engine must not be more than 2” from center of frame rails. Measured from center of crankshaft bolt
  2. Engine set back is to be 23 ¾” max from mid plate to center of rear top A-frame bolt (NO


Traction Control

1. No type of traction control will be allowed 

Items Not Allowed

  1. No spring rods
  2. No air spring shocks. Shocks must be able to fully compress by hand with spring removed
  3. No lead bolted to rear end housing
  4. Aluminum wheel spacers only
  5. No air bags
  6. No air dumb systems
  7. No air bump stop
  8. Any new components that have not been standard parts for past years must be approved before they are legal to use 9. Spool only in rear end 

Protest Fees

  1. Built engine: one head, bore and stroke $750 acceptance fee $200
  2. Engine placement and wheel base $200 acceptance fee $50
  3. CT525 rocker arms and valve springs $400 acceptance fee $100
  4. CT525 claimer $8,000 as from GM acceptance fee $200
  5. P&G $150 acceptance fee $50
  6. Complete care built engine $1,250 acceptance fee $325                                             

CT525 $900 acceptance fee $250                                                                                    

602 or 604 $1,500 acceptance fee $400

  • Tire protest $125 per tire. Fee to be paid by both teams. If tire is legal, team being protested gets money back. If tire is illegal, team that protested gets money back. 

Visual protest

  1. Must be made before event starts
  2. $25 per item
  3. Track retains 100%

2 people from each team will be allowed to tech area during teardown. If either party misbehaves in any way during the teardown the protest will stop and misbehaving team will be disqualified. 

Engine #1 (Steal Head)

  1. Cubic inch 362 cubic inch max. NO TOLERANCE.
  2. Block – ANY CAST IRON
  3. Crankshaft – ANY STOCK STTROCK
  4. Rods – any steal
  5. Pistons – Any
  6. Camshaft – any
  7. Heads – any cast iron or OEM Iron Eagle not to exceed 215 runner (number must be molded on head) Ford – 6049-N351

Bow Tie – allowed

Dart II Sportsman, Part #1112, 1122, 1212, 1222, 1115, 1125, 1215, 1225

  • (1 ½ “ 1.500) Blend from the bottom of the valve seat – ¾” blend allowed to match intake  
  • and head to gasket…. (Not port and polished)
  • Valves – any
  • Lube systems – any
  • Intake – any 
  • Exhaust system – any
  • Engine protest will be accepted on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch, and heads only. 

Engine #4 (Spec Engine)

This engine uses Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads.

  1. Cubic Inch 365 inch max. NO TOLERANCE.
  2. Block – any cast iron
  3. Crankshaft – any
  4. Rods – any steel
  5. Pistons – flat top only
  6. Camshaft – any 
  7. Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads (55cc minimum combustion chambers) with Titanium Valves. 

               Brodix SUPR “Spec” heads (60cc minimum combustion chambers) with stainless valves.

  • Any valve 11/32 valve stem size
  • Lube system – any
  • Intake – Chevrolet engines must have a Brodix HVI intake with no modifications except for Port matching ¾ “ to Felpro 1206. Ford engines must have an Edelbrock Victor Jr.

intake  With no modifications except for port matching ¾ “ Felpro 1262.

  1. Exhaust system – any
  2. Engine protest will be accepted on block, rods, pistons, cubic inch, and heads only addition to SUPR “Spec” Engine Paragraph: SUPR “Spec” heads with SUPR cast logos. 

             Chevrolet SUPR “spec” head with SUPR cast logos —- (if ported and polished must claim   super with and tires) Ford SUPR “spec” head with SUPR logo on the outside and SPEC      logo on intake and exhaust ports.  

  1. Intake port openings NO larger than original opening and may be port matched. Chevrolet may use Felpro 1206 gasket and FORD may use Felpro 1262
  2. Chevrolet intake opening may be ground or polished ¾ “ or NO farther into port than the closest edge or the closest letter or the SUPR logo. Ford intake opening may be ground or polished 3/8 “. Intake port polishing will be allowed NO more than 1 ½ “ below the bottom of  the original seat ring on the back side of the bowl area, and NO more than 1” on the short side. Any opening up of head past these points will be illegal. 
  3. Polishing will be allowed in the combusting chamber area to avoid hot spot chafing. 
  4. Polishing will be allowed in exhaust ports as long as the original SUPR logo is NOT affected or port shape is not altered. 
  5. NO intake or exhaust port relocation, raising, enlargement, or reshaping of any type. 
  6. Valve angle and placement may NOT be altered in any way on the SUPR “spec” head.  NOTE: SUPR has and will be using, Brodix supplied checking templates and tools on the SUPR head. DON’T GO past three points or templates and tools will disqualify you. 
  7. In the rules above, if it doesn’t say you can then don’t.

NOTE: these head and intake manifold combinations were designed with one thing mind, to have equal air flow. If anything is done to increase airflow above original specs by manufacturer, they will be illegal. SUPR logo must remain, with NO changes, in all locations. Flat top pistons ONLY. No titanium valves, crankshafts or connection rods. 

Engine Rule #1

  • Stock Stroke
  • 23° head
  • 2350lbs

Engine Rule #2 

  • 525 GM seals 100%  as  from GM
  • 2400lbs 50lbs in front of engine plate 

Engine Rule #3 

  • 525 built resealed 
  • 2450lbs (50lbs in front engine plate) 

Engine Rule #4 

  • National Spec Head
  • Stock stroke 
  • 2400 (50lbs for roller) 

Engine Rule #5

  • 365 CID all steel 23° style heads 
  • No 18° or 14° heads
  • 2500lbs

Engine Rule #6 

  • Ford S374 
  • 2400lbs 

Engine Rule #7 

  • 604 sealed engine 
  • 2250lbs
  • 12” spoiler
  • 8 or more cars run their own division otherwise  you will  run with limited. 
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